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Bonding System Group

Do our best and hardest in the place where is inbisible

For the ecology of bonding
with solvent free.

We have been developing bonding machinery and systems like as hotmelt rollcoater, 2-C mixing & dosing machine with cooperation of customers and adhesive companies. With profound knowledge about adhesive and know-how about bonding process for years, we will propose total solutions to various industrial fields.

Production line of large sandwich panel

Production line of IC card

Hotmelt rollcoater

Multi beads application of 2-C

Spiral application of hotmelt

Multi beads spraying of hotmelt


Equipment Hot melt applicator, Roll coater,
2-C mixing & dosing machine (with water washing device)
System High speed hotmelt coater, Laminator, Lab coater, Sheet coating machine,
Sheet printer, Production line of construction materials, Packaging system,
Assembler system
Adhesive Hotmelt, PUR hotmelt, 2-C polyurethane and etc.

Related Industry

Memory medium (disk, card), automobile, train, construction materials, converting, package, home appliance,
filter, medical, solar panel, daily goods, laboratory testing machine
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