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For the past 50 years we have served Japan as the country's only general supplier of mattress equipment.
Our activies have included introducing state-of-the-art equipment from overseas, producing equipment domestically through licensing agreements and developing innovative,technically advance equipment.
For Example, our original packed coil manufacturing system and mattress flanging equipment have been well-received both in Japan and abroad.
We have been trying to provide manufacturing technologies to overseas companies.

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TECMIC Technology OEM Products

People are more cost-conscious nowadays. Market needs reliable products in reasonable prices.
To respond the requests , we co-operate with our Chinese partner on mattress related machines. Using Matsushita Industry technology to control the quality and offer our value customers guarantee, Chinese company responsibly manufactures the products. It is absolutely a good news for all mattress manufacturers.

Application for the DVD or CD-R of TECMIC Packed Coil Machinery